Every once in a while, I go through an existential crisis and worry about what I am doing with my life. “I have to do something, anything!” I’ll say to myself. Somehow, without fail, I always come to the same conclusion: Start a blog. And I will. Sometimes, it would be a personal blog. Other times, it would be about a book or a TV show or any phenomenon that I am head over heels in love with at that moment. There was even this time I started a Tumblr about the commonalities between two unrelated shows that I loved. It was so niche that even I forgot it existed. Thus after countless accounts in Medium, Tumblr, WordPress, and other short-lived blogging and microblogging sites, here I am again, starting another blog.

But I had the good sense to consolidate everything this time. I am trying to bring everything I have ever written from reviews to opinion pieces to stories, under this blog. Even the crappy ones I am not proud of. I won’t abandon this one and start another, I promise!

My name is Prashanthini Mande and this is where I write.

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