Bad writer ballad

There once lived a writer,

a bad bad writer;

With paper in the hand

and litter in the mind.

Through thesaurus he skimmed,

to complicate every word.

The and they he googled,

to sound like a nerd.

Not common as insignificant,

He sounded only absurd;

Not rare as brilliant,

no, definitely, not a nerd.

“Alliteration and allegory,

aren’t in the lacking.

Zany and zealous,

They were in the making.

Yet, never do they prosper”

Moaned the bad bad writer.

With his hair unkempt,

he made a final attempt.

Oh you dimwit, it’s not your rhyme and meter

It’s not your words that glitter,

Will you ever learn?

It’s what you say that matters.

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