Brilliant Blunders – A Review

True, I wanted to blow my XS-sized brains out after reading this book. I was terribly upset that I had not been truly curious about anything that mattered in 23 years. Even as I was listing down the insects I can compare my intellect with, I could not help but be amazed by this book.Continue reading “Brilliant Blunders – A Review”

Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter – A Review

For most part of this book I felt like I was taking a stroll on a beautiful sunlit morning in a quiet road that has trees on bothsides. A scene out of a postcard.  The 18 year old Mario’s unusual adventures and his witty descriptions were a lot of fun to read.  I hope theContinue reading “Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter – A Review”

The Brothers Karamazov – A Review

I read a lot of books, but like most people I am scared of long/hard reads. I am torn between my desire to read well and read a lot. The Brothers Karamazov has been in my to-read list long enough for me to put a pause on the three books I was reading. I swallowedContinue reading “The Brothers Karamazov – A Review”

Bad writer ballad

There once lived a writer, a bad bad writer; With paper in the hand and litter in the mind. Through thesaurus he skimmed, to complicate every word. The and they he googled, to sound like a nerd. Not common as insignificant, He sounded only absurd; Not rare as brilliant, no, definitely, not a nerd. “AlliterationContinue reading “Bad writer ballad”