Lemon and Lemonade

If life were a person, it’ll be the cruel kid that destroys a line of ants, one ant at a time.

Life is unfair and ruthless.

Life strips down your best-laid plans.

Life strikes you where it hurts the most.

Life doesn’t understand relationships. Life hasn’t the vaguest idea about ambition.

Life loves hard work because the harder it was to create the more fun it is to destroy.

Life doesn’t care how much suffering a person deserves, or happiness. Life doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘deserve’.

Life doesn’t care about you, your experiences, your character or your friends.

Life doesn’t give a damn about sacrifices. Life doesn’t give a fuck about your dreams.

Life loves practical jokes. Life loves breaking a strong person.

Life loves tears. Life loves pain. And life loves everything that causes tears and pain.

Life has no rationale. Life has no taste. Life has no knowledge. Life has no love.

Life has no idea what it wants. Life is clueless.

Life defeats you, again and again.

Life kills what you love. Life destroys your art. Life breaks your principles. Life makes you beg. Life laughs at your beliefs. Life mocks your confidence.

Life disappoints you. Life bores you. Life scares the shit out of you. Life takes away your toys.

Life pushes you to the edge.

But life gives you the courage to handle them all.

Life gives you the ledge to hold on. Life gives you a shoulder to cry on.

Life shows you a light to follow. Life gives you a reason to live.

Life gives you another toy. Life always gives you another toy.

Life will give you the strength to keep walking because stopping is not an option.

Keep walking, keep walking. Just like the line of ants.

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